Long-standing Winnersh Triangle favourite and experienced mechanic, Dr Bike, will be returning to the park on Thursday 14th September.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice brushing the cobwebs off your wheels, Dr Bike will perform a free 20-minute service to correct repairs and punctures, tune gears or fit new brake blocks, returning the bike in good working order.

Having visited the park twice annually for the last three years, Dr Bike has accrued a series of loyal returning customers, and the sessions are always extremely popular.

By providing a free initiative to repair bikes, it is hoped that occupiers will feel more encouraged to cycle to a workplace where sustainable travel methods are supported.

The scheme is just one in a series of fantastic amenities provided by Winnersh Triangle manager, PATRIZIA UK, which is going the extra mile for occupiers by investing in their lives outside of work.

If you’re interested in booking a free session with Dr Bike, please contact Bev: beverly.harrison@winnershtriangle.co.uk


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